AAT posts £7m profit

Despite another challenging year AAT posted an operating surplus of £7,172,000, according to AAT’s Annual Report 2022.

Some 4,426 new members joined AAT during the year, which is 25% up on 2020-21, but still a 7% decrease on 2019-20. That shows new members numbers, while recovering are still not quite at the levels seen pre-pandemic.

AAT now has 123,759 students and members, 471 approved employers and 581 training providers. And, some 68,791 people are studying for an AAT accounting qualification. For the year in question 9,532 students passed Level 2, 7,566 Level 3 and 4,568 Level 4.

One of the highlights for the year was the accelerAATe 2022 virtual conference for students – some 2,270 logged in!

The 2021 Salary Survey also got nearly 20,000 downloads, and the 13 live study sessions for students on Facebook generated over 63,000 views.

AAT’s total income for the year was £32,277,000. Student and affiliate members’ fees now bring in more money to the coffers that full members’ subs and fees – £8,958,000 compared to £8,866,000. Assessments bring in another £12,938,000.

Staff numbers dropped from 247 in 2021 to 217 in 20220. Staff costs dropped year on year from 12,922,000 to £11,318,000.

Read the full report at: https://www.aat.org.uk/prod/s3fs-public/assets/Responsive-agile-decisive-AAT-Annual-Report-2022.pdf