ACCA December Day Five feedback

How were the FM and AFM exams – was case of Father Christmas or the Grinch when it came to the examiner’s questions?


December’s sitting was described as ‘fine’, ‘pretty good’, and ‘surprisingly easy’.

“The exam was a lot easier this time around, but weird at the same time,” said one sitter.

The fact that it was OK still scared some as “I have never had an ACCA exam easy – let’s see what happens!”


Exam was ‘fine’, even the theory ‘wasn’t that hard’.

For others it was “too close to call”, and on the Open Tuition poll one in five said the exam for them was a ‘disaster’ (21%).

Top tutor Sunil Bhandari told us: “AFM candidates should be content with what they saw on their screens. The topics tested across all the exam variants were as expected. You would say it looked like the questions set by Father Christmas rather than The Grinch!”