ACCA December exams Day 4 feedback

We take a look at the ACCA SBR and FR exams for December. How were they for sitters?


“I didn’t enjoy that,” said one PQ after sitting the SBR exam on Thursday. There was a lot of forex, not much groups and a full question on sustainability. Some got cash flows in Q1, but it seems forex dominated most papers. Many sitters said they were already preparing for the March sitting.

Sitters found the exam ‘tough’, ’a nightmare’, and ‘ridiculous’ in equal measure, and some felt none of the ethics questions were like anything set in previous exams. As one candidate said: “Ethics was weird, no conceptual framework.”

Someone sitting the paper for a second time said: “I am shocked you couldn’t have prepared for this paper. It is nothing like other previous exams.” Students said the questions were not like anything in the revision kits.

The Open Tuition poll saw over one in three describing this one as a ‘disaster’ and a further 42% said it was ‘hard’. Just one in five found it OK!


This one was described as ‘weird’ by some. “I was surprised I didn’t see any lease or financial instrument in my exam,” said one sitter. For them it was mainly contacts revenue, PPE, intangibles and gain in exchange rate. The section C question was calculating NCI for the CSPL. Many sitters describe it as a ‘disaster’. “A lot of questions on really abstract parts of the syllabus, including exemptions to the standards,” said another. That meant if you didn’t know every exception you were picking up any marks.

What upset sitters was the most important chapters for the paper seemed ‘excluded from the exam’. It means lots of revision didn’t come up. The only saving grace for some was that cash flows wasn’t there either!

People who got the Cheese business question were in heaven. One PQ went as far as saying they ‘loved it!’ This question was almost identical to one set in September 201, they said. Proving that going over past papers can really pay off.