ACCA Examiner’s reports

Have you read the September Examiner’s reports? The FM examiner is concerned about the number of candidates who seem unable to correctly calculate the cost effects of introducing accounts receivable factoring or offering an early settlement discount.

The AA examiner said many candidates can’t clearly explain the implications of deficiencies! A general knowledge of substantive procedures doesn’t help if you can’t tailor your answers to specific issues…

And, while candidates seem well prepared on budgeting, the PM examiner would like to see an ability to discuss the beyond budgeting approach.

Meanwhile, the FR markers report that many candidates continue to type their answer into their spreadsheet rather than show workings to use formula in the cell to explain how their answer in calculated. Where a candidate presents an incorrect figure and in the absence of a working, or cell formula, markers are unable to award relevant marks.

For all your ACCA December exam tips and more detailed feedback on the examiner’s report then you need to read the next PQ magazine – out on 15 November.