It was great to see that students were just talking about the PM and APM exams on day three. So those technical problems seem to have sorted themselves out!

PM was deemed a very hard test. As one PM sitter said: “Literally only 20% of the syllabus came up.”  Another explained: “The questions had nothing to do either with the practice kit or past papers. There were no easy marks available.”

Yet another pointed out: “No variances, no linear programming, no optimum price, no relevant costing. And, only a small question on learning curve.”

In the Open Tuition poll some 60% of candidates found it ‘hard’ or ‘a disaster’.

One of the most poignant posts read: “Seriously, I am so pissed off why they would do that to us. I studied over 400 hours and still don’t know if I passed. The transfer price question was brutal.”

There was also a lot of chatter about the health nuts question! “That veggie question blew my mind, hated it.”

Meanwhile the APM was said to be fair. Some 56% of sitters told Open Tuition that the exam was ‘OK’. Q2 on McKinsey 7s was seen as hard one this time around.