ACCA message error

An ACCA system error has left massive confusion about whether final level students have suddenly become affiliates before their time. The results are out on Monday (19 October), but lots of PQs got messages today welcoming them to the fold and the fact that ‘something special’s happening’.

We put in the call and now we have received the official statement…

ACCA STATEMENT ABOUT MESSAGE ERROR: “ACCA apologises to students for a system error that has led to confusion about their exam results.

A number of students have today received a welcome email congratulating them on becoming ACCA affiliates, ahead of receiving their exam results from the September sitting, which will be published on Monday.

We would like to reassure the students who received the email that it is genuine and accurate. They will receive confirmation of their results and the marks they achieved on Monday.

We would also like to apologise to students who are concerned because they have not received the congratulations message. To be clear, this does not necessarily mean they have failed their final examinations. They will also find out their result on Monday, as planned.”

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