Sitter feedback from the first two days of the ACCA September exams


The questions seemed OK, with nothing really surprising there. Some struggled with time management. Quite a few sitters also mentioned the 16- mark question on audit risk, but not in a good way.


Well that was different, explained one sitter! This September’s sitting was deemed on the lengthy side, and “a bit difficult”. Sitters really didn’t like the 24-mark audit risk question. In fact, they really struggle to find enough to write about. As one put it: “How can you answer 24 marks based on disclosures?” This question was described as both “unreasonable” and “crazy”.

That said, many felt the forensic audit question (Q3) was on the nice side.


“What was that about?” is a common thread on the noticeboards about Q3 this September.

The last question was deemed “mental for 20 marks”. Another sitter agreed that the last question ruined the exam! They described it as “absolutely diabolical”. After reading the question for 15 minutes this PQ had no idea what they were being asked to do!

Yet another admitted to spending 45 minutes on it – reading, re-reading and finally writing half a page that they admitted “made completely no sense”.  They were joined by another sitter who “just waffled crap”.  

Definitely a difficult exam then.

Some students also wondered why they needed so many presentation slides, and said the paper was “horribly laid out”.


The exam was OK, with the usual tricky stuff. One sitter said her exam was delayed for 2 hours because the screen was stuck. She felt “absolutely exhausted” by the time she sat the test!  Another sitter felt there were a lot of questions on penalties. And some who had sat in June said September was a less numerical paper.


Q1 was so big, explained one sitter. Another called it “the most pathetic question”, which just didn’t make sense.

Overall it was felt to be “a strange exam”.