ACCA smells a rat over forgery

Arefin Raisa Khan, of Bangladesh, has the dubious honour of being the last PQ to be removed from the ACCA student register in 2019.

Her sin? After becoming a student she failed F9 in June 2016, F7 in December 2017 and F6 in March 2017. She then claimed in January 2019 she had completed a BA degree with Anglia Ruskin University, and requested exemptions from papers F4 to F9.

However, looking at the documents ACCA smelt a rat! Or, as ACCA put it, had “a suspicion regarding the authenticity of the documents submitted”.

Anglia Ruskin confirmed the documents had been forged and related to a different student, who graduated in 2013.

As well as being removed from the student register Khan was fined £6,600 in costs, reduced from £7,450.