AI outperforms humans in job hiring

Artificial Intelligence (AI) job hiring is equal to or better than human hiring, but people react negatively towards it, says a new study by The Inclusion Initiative (TII) at the London School of Economics.

Researchers said AI hiring improves efficiency in hiring by being faster, increasing the fill-rate for open positions, and recommending candidates with a greater likelihood of being hired after an interview.

Their review demonstrates that while AI had limited abilities in predicting employee outcomes after being hired, it was a substantial improvement over humans.  The authors also assessed whether AI could decrease biased decision-making and improve the diversity of selected candidates. Overall, AI hiring resulted in more diverse outcomes than human hiring.

Dr Dario Krpan, assistant professor in behavioural science at LSE, said: “The media typically portrays AI hiring negatively and emphasises how AI can discriminate against candidates and disadvantage them. Our analysis, however, shows that even if AI is not perfect, it is fairer and more effective than human recruiters. Rather than focusing on AI in isolation, it is important to compare it to the alternative hiring practices to understand the value it brings to the recruitment process.”