Big 4 top cyber recruiters

The Big 4 accountants are the UK’s top four cyber security employers, according to jobs website Indeed.
KPMG and PwC are no comfortably the biggest recruiters.
At KPMG, one in every 17 (6%) of its new recruits is a cyber security specialist. At PwC the figure is one in 20 (5%) new hires.
For the big other two members of the Big 4, EY and Deloitte, cyber roles make up 2% and 1.5% respectively.
Telecoms giant Vodaphone ranks fifth in Indeed’s table, and Hastings Direct is in sixth place.
The most sought-after cyber roles can be well paid.
It auditor roles come with an average pay package of $58,328, and an information security analyst can expect a salary of around £40,000.
Indeed’s Bill Richards said: “It’s telling that many large organisations now talk of ‘critical’ infrastructure rather than ‘IT’ infrastructure. Every aspect of a modern company relies on its IT, and the growing threat of cyber attack and tightening of privacy laws means demand is rising fast for professionals who are able to protect companies’ most precious information.