Cheating CIMA PQs punished

A London CIMA student has paid a heavy price for lying about being fully qualified!
Agnet Masuku had told her employer, Safestore Limited, way back in 2012 that she had “completed CIMA”, and this lie went on for more than five years.
In fact, although she had passed the Certificate in Business Accounting in 2010, she had since failed to pass any more professional exams. 
Masuku had been a CIMA student since 2006, and resigned from Safestore during an internal investigation into her claims of being qualified.
At a CIMA disciplinary panel Masuku was found guilty of misconduct and her student registration cancelled. She was also ordered to pay costs of £8,000.
Meanwhile, in another case two cheating students have also had their student registrations cancelled. 
Aayushi Gondaliya and Jeesha Pancal were found guilty of collusion in an Operational case study exam.
The CIMA panel said their exam answers were too similar ‘by chance’, and they were found guilty of cheating and acting dishonestly.
On top of being thrown out of CIMA they were fined £1,000 each in costs.