CIMA suspends services in Russia and Belarus

CIMA has suspended indefinitely in-market services to Russia and Belarus.

It recently told members and students that the suspension of services is due to events in Ukraine.

In response some have questioned if this move was ‘ethical’. One respondent said: “This is very disappointing to say the least. You would think they would come up with a better solution rather than suspend members who have nothing to do with the conflict.” Another asked: “What have CIMA students got to do with the conflict?”

In a statement CIMA told PQ magazine: “AICPA & CIMA represent 696,000 members, students and engaged professionals in public and management accounting and advocate for the public interest and business sustainability on current and emerging issues to help economies prosper, including free movement of labour, trade and the application of the rule of law. The Russian military invasion of Ukraine violates all these principles. As devastating and abhorrent as the war is in the Ukraine, it also has significant global impact, creating the largest refugee crisis since World War II and widespread economic instability.

“We, therefore, wholeheartedly stand with the people of Ukraine and join many voices around the world in calling for peace. Our thoughts are with members, students and staff devastated by the Russian military invasion.

“We are and will continue to provide tools and resources to help members, students and accounting and finance professionals outside of Russia and Belarus manage the widespread impact this crisis will have on all economies, businesses, and societies around the world. To assist, we have launched a Ukraine-Russia War dedicated webpage and resource centre hub.

For more information about the suspension of services in Russia and Belarus, you can also check out our dedicated FAQs page.