CIMA updates exemption policy

CIMA has ‘standardised’ entry into its professional qualification. There will now be two entry points at each level – at the start of a level before all the OTs or before the Case Study exam.

University students who register with CIMA will be awarded their exemptions right away, allowing them to start taking CIMA professional qualification exams prior to graduation.

You may qualify for exemptions if you:

  • Are a graduate with a qualification listed in the database of CIMA accredited programmes.
  • Are a graduate of a degree programme that is related to the CIMA syllabus.
  • Are an Association of AAT (student or member).
  • Have a MBA or a Master’s in Accounting.
  • Are a member or passed finalist of ICWAI or ICMAB, or a member of ICMAP.
  • Are studying or have completed a relevant qualification with another professional body.

Check how to apply for exemptions at: