CIPFA June exam results a mixed bag

CIPFA students seemed to struggle with the Taxation paper this time around, with the pass rate falling from 82.3% in December 2019 to just 68.9% in June.

Another worry will be the slump in the Public Service Financial Reporting paper success rate. It has dropped below 50%, to a lowly 46.7%.

CIPFA may also need to put in more resources to help those sitting Strategy and Policy Development. At 63.2% this is the lowest pass rate for over nine sittings! During that time the pass rate has ranged between 70.7% to 85.7%.

On the good news side Audit and Assurance pass rates jumped from 50% in December to 87.8% this summer, back to its normal pass rate.

CIPFA JUNE 2020 RESULTS: AA 87.8%; BCM 89.7%; CFR 59.6%; CGL 90.1%; FA 72.9%; FM 73.9%; MA 89.7%; PSFR 46.7%; SCS 72.3%; SPD 63.2%; SPF 71.9%; TAX 68.9%