CPD is changing for ICAEW members

All ICAEW members will be required to carry out a minimum number of hours of CPD a year, some of which will need to be verifiable, from 1 November 2023.

Members affected by the regulations will be required to identify which CPD category is most applicable to them, based on the type of work they do. Most people, whether in practice or not, will fall into CPD category 3 as this is the default. The nature of your role may, however, move you into a higher CPD category.

Each CPD category has a corresponding minimum number of hours of CPD that must be undertaken So, for instance, a category 3 members working in practice will have to undertake a minimum of 20 hours CPD of which 10 are verifiable. Category 3 members working outside practice will have to undertake 10 hours, but only five of these are verifiable.