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The future is bright for tomorrow’s accountants, says Professor Christine Helliar.

A key note speaker at our ‘Tomorrow’s World – a brighter future for accountants?’ conference she said accountants should not be afraid of AI, and in fact “AI is helping us to become much more useful to businesses and helping to save the planet.”

However, in a conference poll, however, some 32% of delegates said that accountants will be replaced by AI in 20 years’ time. The rest – 68% – asserted that it was “not going to happen”.

Helliar said accountants have always been around, even in ancient Egypt, and as technology has evolved so have accountants! She felt that AI will simply replace all of the routine boring stuff accountants have to do.

The conference covered everything from blockchain and the rise of Bitcoin, to job hunting in a post-pandemic landscape.

Delegates from across the global recently joined us for our 5th annual conference with London South Bank University. Accountants from Australia, Japan, Russia, Qatar, Kenya, South African, Russia and Indonesia (to name a few) tuned in on the day.

But, don’t worry if you missed it all as you can watch the whole conference on YouTube at:


Which ONE of the following do you think will drive the role of accountants to change significantly in the future?

Technology – 75%

Sustainability – 24%

Profitability – 1%

Governance – 0%

Do you own any cryptocurrency?

Yes -12%

No – 76%

Looking to buy – 12%

Do you see a time when we will be paying for our shopping with digital currencies in the near future?

Yes- 53%

No- 20%

Maybe- 27%

Do you think that accountant will be replaced completely by AI within:

The next 5 years – 6%

The next 10 Year – 9%

The next 20 years – 17%

Not going to happen – 68%