Don’t forget your PQ magazine giveaways…

We have more great giveaways in the latest PQ magazine. There’s a chance to win a Harry Potter colouring book and some of the books we have recently reviewed for the PQ Book Club!

To enter just turn to page 42 in the latest issue:

We are also giving away Nepresso Vertup Plus Coffee Machines in our annual quiz. See page 18 of the Feb issue.

Here’s a list of the winners from recent issues…

January giveaway winners

Private eye annual:  Andrew Rodwell, London; Bansi Tank, Leicester; Lisa Hughes, Bourne.

Dot-to-Dot Unicorn book:  Amy Grief, Nottingham; Erzsebet Szalkai, Reddith; Pearl Belcher Wiltshire.

December giveaway winners

Dot-to-dot Cute Cats book: Matt Cocking Plymouth; Karen Groves, Stafford; Graeme Spencer, Solihull.

Pick & mix winners: Lila Moini, Barnet; Antonia Naicker, London; Alex Stevens, Colchester; Steve Wake. Co Durham.