Ellacott Morris goes flexible

Ellacott Morris has announced from September its entire team can opt for flexible working, with the offer being extended to all the new recruits they are bring on board later this year.

When the business was launched, co-founders Michell Morris and Anjuli Symonds juggled seven young children between them. Their supportive approach to work/life balance, enabled them to operate efficiently and effectively, with their professional and personal lives functioning in harmony. They both appreciated the flexibility being business owners gave them.

Symonds said: “It was wonderful to see the reaction of our team when we made this announcement. We’ve always offered flexibility, but this ensures everyone is on a fair playing field, with the same options and opportunities. It has boosted an already happy team and made us feel proud as employers and working mums.”

Morris explained: “Our clients will benefit from staff covering hours outside of 9 – 5, meaning many of our entrepreneurial business owners who work long hours, will receive responses even when our main offices are closed. Never will a member of our team have to worry about staying home when their child is sick, not being able to attend a school event or missing a personal appointment. They can simply work their hours at times that suit their lifestyle.”