I have an outage!

As accountancy exams move to remote invigilation the connectivity of your broadband becomes more important than ever.

To help raise your anxiety levels Uswitch, the comparison service, has released a survey that claims nearly 5 million people in the UK suffered a ‘broadband outage’ lasting more than 3 hours in the past year, costing the economy £1.5bn.

That adds up to 39% of respondents who experienced some kind of outage over the past 12 months. Put another way it means in the last year the average affected home went offline for 29 hours.

The reasons are numerous: power cuts, broadband provider had an outage, damage to cables external cables, or just routine maintenance. 

The longest single outage happened in Leeds, where residents reported one incident lasting just shy of 55 hours. People in London reported the most instances of outages (7 in a year), while Cardiff experienced the fewest.

Britain’s outage capital is Bristol, which came in just ahead (and not in a good way) of Brighton and then Belfast. The average amount of downtime per year in Bristol is a whopping 170 hours, way ahead of second placed Brighton, which came in with figures of 89 hours.

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