Jobs are going green!

February 2023

A new PwC barometer shows there is growing demand for ‘green’ professional and scientific roles.

Green jobs are growing at around four times the rate of the overall UK employment market, with 2.2% of all new jobs classed as green. However, more than one-third of these roles are now based in London and the South East.

The second edition of PwC’s Green Jobs Barometer has found that the number of green jobs advertised in the UK has almost trebled in the past year, equating to 336,000 posts, providing encouragement that the economy is becoming greener.

Carl Sizer, PwC UK’s Head of Regions, said: “The huge growth in green jobs over the last year illustrates how we are creating a Green Britain. One year on, our Green Jobs Barometer has shone a light on the regions and sectors where these jobs are being created.

“While Wales and Scotland are among the top performers, it’s striking that one in five new green roles are based in the capital. If growth continues on this trajectory the compounding effect means the green economy will increase London’s dominance over other cities and regions. If we want to meet our Net Zero ambitions while driving growth, then the green economy needs to be nationwide.”