Yes, you will be filmed, but at least you will be able to use your own calculator!

There has been some initial confusion about the ACCA July remote pilot for the students sitting the Applied Skills, AFM and SBL exams at home.

PQs went on Facebook lamenting the fact that they would not be able to use their own calculators or have any paper at their home exam desk!

While it was originally the case that you couldn’t use your calculator, ACCA has relented, after a barrage of complaints, and now you can.

One tutor told us that they can only presume lots of tuition providers complained about this, pointing out that CIMA allows its students their own calculators.

It is however right about the paper – you can only use the online scratch pad – so no physical paper.

Oh, and you are allowed a clear glass on water or a clear bottle of water. But, remember you can’t leave the room once the exam starts – so no trips to the loo or uninvited guests, no matter how cute!

An ACCA spokesperson told PQ magazine: “ACCA would like to thank our students for their continued support as we introduce remote exam invigilation.The unprecedented nature of the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted us to accelerate the introduction of this technology but like all our innovations and changes to exams we have taken the step to introduce this on a small scale, so have restricted July numbers to be a small controlled session. Our goal is to ensure our end to end exam process is future-ready and upholds the rigour and integrity of the ACCA qualification.

“As noted, students are permitted to use calculators in the exam but not scrap paper. We are aware students prefer to use their own calculators and not many use the onscreen calculator so to allow students to perform as best as they can, they will be allowed to use a calculator. In remote invigilation we must replicate exam centre conditions as far as possible so students should have a clear desk to ensure the exam is being taken in the right conditions and this means no paper or other items on their desk. This will be checked at the start of the exam and then invigilators monitor both the student and their screen, but this means students cannot leave their desk once the exam has started.

“We understand that this is new for our students so we continue to support our students and work with our learning providers to maximise the student learning experience.”