More ‘Back to Basics’ videos available

Accountancy is simple if you know the basics. PQ magazine is building its Back-to-Basics video series with the help of award -winning lecturers.

The series looks at assets, trial balance, and debits and credits, to name a few.

This month we have added VAT calculations to the list. Training Link’s Michele Baker looks at both calculations and explains the terminology used when talking about goods and values. Net or excluding VAT, and gross or including VAT are also explained, and it’s all done in six minutes! Check it out at:

So, what other videos do we have for you:

Business valuations, with Sunil Bhandari:

Assets, with Tom Clendon:

Trail Balance, with Michele Baker:

Financial Maths for AFM and FM students, with Sunil Bhandari:

Strategic Planning Process, with Sean Purcell:

Double Entry Bookkeeping, with Tom Clendon:

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), with Sunil Bhandari: