PQ magazine ‘Back to Basics’ series

Accountancy can be simple if you know the basics. PQ magazine has gathered the top tutors in the world to help us help you. Our Back to Basics video series will guide you through some of the fundamental topics of accountancy. Each video comes with an accompanying article.

Double Entry Bookkeeping with Tom Clendon

You should be able to master the rules of double entry bookkeeping in just eight-and-a-half minutes. So, do you know your credits and debits? You can find Tom’s feature explaining all on page 22 of the July issue.

Strategic Planning Process with Sean Purcell

He looks at the three steps you need to understand the strategic planning process – analysis, strategic choice and strategic implementation> see pages 24/25 in the August issue for the accompany feature.

Financial Maths with Sunil Bhandari

This presentation is slanted to ACCA FM and AFM students sitting the CBE exams, but will be useful for any PQs wanting to understand financial maths that bit better. See pages 20/21 in the September 2020 issue for the accompanying article.

Check out these short videos at www.pqmagazine.com. Either click on the ‘videos’ bar at the top of the homepage or scroll down to the video section.