The ACCA optional papers

PQ magazine recently reported from the ACCA Global Learning Providers Conference. Here’s some highlights about the optional papers. You can read the full reports in the latest PQ magazine.


Students are struggling more with interest rate hedging than foreign exchange hedging. ACCA wants students to adjust their revision time accordingly.


The examiner says areas for improvements include knowledge from TX, sole traders, CGT, and IHT reliefs. You need to practice explaining the rules in writing!


One problem area is risk and uncertainty in decision-making. Candidates need to learn the whole of the model, not just the components.

Students continue to struggle with operational gearing and fixed and variable costs. This should be a bread and butter subject for the management accountants, says the examiner.


Over half of AAA tutors (56%) believe evaluating risks of material misstatements is the area students find “most difficult” in the paper. This surprised the examiner, who took the poll at the AAA session at the recent GLPC. She thought they would say auditors reports! That subject did, however, come in second “most difficult” on 33%. Just 11% of lecturers said students struggle with quality control, and zero said ethics was a problem!

*You can read the full feedback in the latest issue. Watch out for our full feedback of PM, TX, FR, AA and FM in the next issue of PQ magazine – out on 19 July.