The pandemic one year on

The biggest professional challenge employees face in our new pandemic landscape is interacting with colleagues, according to a new Hays survey.

The report ‘Covid-19 one year’ found some 32% of employees said they missed the interaction with fellow workers. Interestingly, this was felt most acutely amongst older workers, with 35% of Baby Boomers saying this has been their top professional challenge during the last 12 months.

A further 30% of professionals overall, say that finding a new role has been a significant challenge. Here is was those from younger age groups who have felt this challenge most keenly, with 42% of Gen Z professional citing this as their biggest professional challenge over the last year.

Employees have also come up against difficulties adjusting to working away from the workplace. A quarter (25%) have faced challenges with remote working in the last year, and 24% have been battling against a lack of motivation. A lack of motivation is particularly a prominent challenge fopr Gen Y & Z (31% and 38% respectively).

You can download the full report at: