Three the magic number for ICAEW professional level exams

Some 2,944 PQ’s sat the March ICAEW Professional level exams, but only one decided to sit 4 papers. That individual failed them all.

As is usually the case, however, students who sat three papers were the most likely to pass them all! Some 78.5% of March sitters who opted to sit three papers passed them all, with another 12.3% passing two out of three.

The problems come with those opting for just one paper. While 76.6% passed the paper it meant 23.4% left the March sitting with no pass, that’s 389 sitters.

In all 470 ACA PQs failed all the papers they sat at the sprint sitting, and will have to wait until September to make amends.

ICAEW March 2020 Professional exam results: Audit & Assurance 84.6%; FA&R (IFRS) 86.1%: FA&R (UKGAAP) 76.2%; Tax Compliance 84.1%; Business Planning; Tax 71.8%; Business Strategy 86.9%; Financial Management 80.8%