Time for action over climate change

There is still too much confusion about what can make a real difference when it comes to ‘saving the planet,’ according to delegates at the recent CIPFA roundtable.

PQ Jonathan Woods Stressed: “A lot of people are keen on making a difference but are often confused about what it is that actually makes a difference!”

But all the delegates were agreed that change needs to happen and happen now! Fellow PQ James Hall said: “There is a real appetite for much more urgent action among our generation. We are ready for more radical and out-of-the-box thinking.”

It’s all about the data science, explained Declan Greaves. He asked: “How can we measure carbon at a global, nation and local level accurately?” His concern is that currently we aren’t measuring emission outputs precisely enough.

Hannah Meakes was also worried that there seems to be a feeling that if we pump money into new technology it will solve our problems.

A recent international survey from CIPFA found more than half (56%) of public sector organisations do not report their climate impact. And, while 44% said their organisation produces a sustainability report only half of these said they used a standardised definition of sustainability.

Check out the CIPFA sustainability roundtable discussion on page 20 of the November issue:  https://issuu.com/pqpublishing/docs/pq_nov21_multi