Top 50 women in accounting

The Women in Accounting Top 50, supported by Ignition, has been released.

Out of the 12 women on the list from the UK, three were at the recent PQ magazine awards, and one of these was picking up the Personality of the Year! Rachel Harris (pictured), director, striveX Ltd, walked off with that coveted PQ award, and she attended the awards alongside ICB’s CEO Ami Copeland, and Caroline Hobden from Accountex.

However, if we are talking women who are “powerful change makers and trailblazers who have inspired us with their resilience, leadership and mentoring in 2023” then you would not need to look much further than ACCA CEO Helen Brand or AAT CEO Sarah Beale. Both are not on the list, yet they have been promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality for many many years. The current CIPFA Present Jayne Owen is another who would be on our list!

Anyway, whinge over, you have to be nominated to get on the list and here’s the other incredible women who made the 2023 list from the UK: Becky Glover, FD VNC Automotive; Chengai Ruredz, FC, Open Energy Market; Chloe Britnell, senior manager, PJCO Chartered Certified Accountant; Eriona Bajrakurtaj, CEO, Majors Accounts and Co Ltd; Georgia Duffee, director, Benedetto Accounts & Tax; Lara Manton, director. LJM Bookkeeping Ltd; Nikki Adams, MD, Ad valorem Group; Palak Tewary, Associate Director, Price Mann; Sarah Ghosh, finance lead, UK Civil Service; and, Sonia Dorais, CEPO Chaser.