Use Excel to plan exams

August 2020

Too many priorities, limited time and even a lack of self-discipline can scupper any well-intentioned study plans.

So CIMA has created a great ‘ready-made’ Excel document to help you get the right balance. And you should not feel guilty that it’s not all study, study, study.

CIMA stresses that unless you get this balance right you could quickly run out of steam. It says: “Unfortunately, there is this misconception that when you have to study you need to sacrifice other parts of your life that are important to you, like the time you spend with your family, or socialising or your own health and wellbeing.”

It understands that these activities are needed to recharge you.

One key is to avoid lumping together all your study time over weekends or just before the exams.

This Excel document will be useful for all part qualified students. To download it click here.