Your ACCA December 2019 feedback…

Not so much a winter of discontent, just the same old ACCA exams! Here are PQ magazine’s initial  feedback on the December 2019  sitting. Feel free to add to the debate by emailing your comments to


Everyone found parts of this exam hard, Some hated section A & B, others section C. The most used word here was ‘tricky’.


Deemed manageable, with a tough section A. Quite a lot of the syllabus wasn’t in the exam either, said some. That said it was felt to be easier than a mock!


Seemed OK , some said it was even easier then expected. In a first the MCQs were said to be easier than the mocks.


‘Not great’, ‘I hated it’, and ‘horrendous’ – just some of the comments about December’s section A &B. Section C (NPV and WACC) was deemed ‘pleasant’. For one sitter this was their third sitting  and the worst of the three!


‘Pretty easy’ and ‘pretty good’ is how sitters described this sitting. The big big worry was for those finishing early. One PQ admitted to finishing with a whole hoy=ur to spare. Really!


A lengthy paper with huge requirements, was the general consensus. Many struggled with Q2 and the value chain requirement.


This one was described as both ‘weird’ and ‘strange’ in equal measure. May felt that it wasn’t a three hour exam – four hours seemed about right. But that’s not what you get! Others admitted to overrunning on Q1 and only completing 80% of the paper.


Q1 was toughest question for 73% of sitters (according to the latest Open Tuition poll). What is interesting is the fact that most sitters have no idea if they have done enough to pass this one.


Many found this hard, with Q34 the main culprit. ‘Tricky’ was used a lot for tj=his sitting. It was that and ‘frustrating’.


As one PQ said: “That was absolutely awful.” Another called it a ‘horrow show’. Open Tuition’s poll has hard at 33% and disaster at 32% wehen we looked. All that said, one seasoned sitter said it was better than June!


Nothing unexpected, a reasonable exam… There were a lot of marks valuable for ethics this time around too. Q3 was the ‘difficult one’ for most sitters.