A Net Zero Implementation Board needed to achieve 2050 targets

To achieve its net zero ambitions the UK government needs to have a proper governance structure in place, says the ICAEW. It claimed that currently there is a lack of co-ordination between central government, devolved administrations, local authorities and business.

ICAEW said the government should create a Net Zero Implementation Board with cross-governmental responsibility for planning. And, to give it clout it needs to be headed by a cabinet minister.

UK business in key parts of the economy like energy, housing and transport, should also be given a detailed plan to reach net zero, explained ICAEW. This would help them decide what skills they should build up, and the investment and capacity they need in supply chains and technology.

Iain Wright, ICAEW MD for Reputation & Influence, said: “Achieving net zero requires the whole country to work together, the longer we leave this, the more difficult, disruptive and expensive the transition will be. But there is no clear structure for the UK to reach the target by 2050.”