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April 2022 Karen Groves explains how to approach a payroll exam-style question and tests your knowledge on the subject. The payroll department staff are responsible for...

Cost behaviours

April 2022 Jo Tuffill explains the importance of understanding cost behaviours Meet Clara, the founder of Clara Candles Co. Clara’s candles are very on trend for the millennials, who...

Loss relief explained

April 2022 In the latest in his ‘Keep it Simple’ series Neil Da Costa focuses on sole trader trading losses. In this month’s ‘Keep it Simple’...

Ethical dilemmas – unreasonable expectations

April 2022 We take a look at a CCAB ethical dilemma case study from the professional accountants inpublic practice series. Outline of the case

Agricultural property relief

In this month’s article in our ‘Keep It Simple’ series Neil Da Costa tackles a popular inheritance tax (IHT) topic that features regularly in tax exams: agricultural property relief.