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How’s your mental wellbeing?

We know that one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. The charity Mind says in England one in six report experiencing a common mental...

Get to know IFRS 3

Tom Clendon shares some of his conceptual criticisms of the standard core to preparing group accounts: IFRS3 Business Combinations

Sleep is key to success

Instead of putting in an all-nighter with the help of energy drinks, new research suggests that if you want to pass those exams then prioritising a good night’s sleep will get you...

To know or not to know: that is the question

Richard Poole explains why knowing the Conceptual Framework will take the slog out of learning accounting standards

Patisserie Valerie: a case for internal audit

BDO looks at the Patisserie Valerie fraud and the perils of neglecting independent assurance In October 2018, the AIM market was shaken by the news that shares in Patisserie...