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Using Online Learning

February 2023 James Carter discusses how accountants can use online learning to prepare for exams. Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, online learning was not...

Trainees found swapping exam answers via Whatsapp and email

February 2023 The UK’s accountancy watchdog has said it has received clear evidence of trainee accountants at the biggest auditing firms were swapping internal exam answers.

Global carbon markets: setting the standard

January 2023 Raul Rosales explains why the new global landscape offers new opportunities but also demands new standards. As we reflect on the 27th United Nations...

Tax Incorporation Relief

January 2023 In this month’s article in his ‘Keep it Simple’ series, Neil Da Costa tackles a topic that features regularly in tax exams and perplexes students: incorporation relief.

Do I really have to read the news?

January 2023 Clare Bentata says keeping up-to-date with current affairs can help accountancy students better understand the subjects they are studying. It is a familiar refrain...