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February 2023 Right now accountancy and the way it is taught, and the way it is ‘undertaken’, is inadvertently fuelling the climate crisis, says Professor Ian Thomson.

Jobs are going green!

February 2023 A new PwC barometer shows there is growing demand for ‘green’ professional and scientific roles. Green jobs are growing at around four times the...

Why charity role is a win-win

February 2023 Have you thought about becoming a charity trustee? Daniel Chan explains why, for him, it has been a most rewarding experience. One of the...

Why I love teaching

February 2023 Cath Littler explains why she was instantly hooked when she kicked off her career in education. I was at a concert recently where the...

Maintaining your financial health in a cost of living crisis

February 2023 Paul Day has some advice on how to maintain financial wellbeing during the cost-of-living crisis. Here in the UK, just as in many other...