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Why networking still matters

Alison Bonathan explains why networking is even more essential in the new era of the virtual workplace and WFH Networking has always been important for career development.

The Big 4 up their offering

June 2022 The Big 4 accountancy firms are looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd as the competition for staff hots up. PwC said all its...

Cutting office pollution

House plants can help to cut air pollution in the office and at home by up to a fifth, says a new study backed by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

Putting women first

An ACCA student based in Nepal, Sushila Adhikari, became the second-ever PQ to receive the prestigious scholarship in memory of ACCA’s first Nepalese member.

6 tips to get your CV noticed

Making your CV stand out from the rest in order to secure that ideal job interview can be difficult. How do you ensure you are noticed? Karen Young offers advice on how you can achieve this.