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New info hub for those in public finance

CIPFA has launched a new global hub for members, students and the wider public finance community, offering a raft of training and learning materials as well as public finance news, insights, and...

Class issue won’t go away

Twp pit pf every three accountants believe class is an issue when it comes to securing a new job, says new research from CV-Library. On top of this, one...

Are you future-ready?

Despite recent reputational damage the future of accountancy looks golden, says the ACCA in its latest report 'Future ready: accountancy careers in the 2020s'. Report author Jamie Lyon explains...

Diversity’s just beyond the pale

The UK's record on boardroom ethnicity is "totally unacceptable", says Sir Jon Thompson, CEO of the Financial Reporting Council. He believes it is wrong that talented people are being...

The world’s your oyster

Working overseas need not be a distant dream – with a little help you can really make it happen