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KPMG exam cheats exposed

Large numbers of KPMG US audit professionals cheated on internal training exams, improperly sharing answers and manipulating the test results. A US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation found...

AAT salaries rising, says recent survey

The average salary for a qualified AAT in the UK has jumped to £29,000, a rise of 8% over the past two years, according to the AAT Salary Survey 2019.

It pays to develop a digital mindset

Embracing all things digital will pay dividends in your career, says Martin Farrar

What is your 1% better?

Danny Crates, the former British Paralympic athlete and world record holder for the 800 metres, was the keynote speaker at the ICPA’s Practice Evolution London conference. There he revealed his five elements...

Safeguarding your mental wellbeing

PQ magazine believes it is time for the profession to up its game when it comes to student wellbeing. What do you think?