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Accountancy 1, Crystal Palace 0

More than 2,300 potential finance professionals gave up a Saturday to find out more about the profession, says Claire Bennison. Of all the many and diverting ways...

Trouble at work…?

Experts at Croner Taxwise deal with many HR questions from accounting firms. Here are a couple of examples. Can my boss take my phone?

An ode to the public sector

A career in the public sector can be both interesting and rewarding, says Rob Whiteman – and he should know. There are a plethora of reasons why...

Edtech’s new dawn

Mark Mckenna explains how education technology is starting to have a major impact on the worlds of work and school . Education market intelligence firm HolonIQ recently...

Aiming for the top

Finance bosses are increasingly targeting the top job at their company, as they prioritise acquiring new non-accounting skills, says a new report. Some 60% of CFOs said...