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PQ magazine provides you with a unique way to talk to part qualified accountants. We are a multi-award winning magazine and website, which is a unique news source and home for the whole accountancy family – AAT, ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA, ICAEW, and ICB.

But, we are much more than just a magazine. As formats and platforms continue to evolve, the quality of what we produce is constant, providing a trusted source of straight-talking, traditional, independent journalism. Which is becoming a rare commodity. PQ magazine will help you build your brand, driving up your brand awareness with our targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

PQ Magazine – the complete solution

The monthly e-magazine provides a full picture of the profession in one place, not repackaged news. PQ has had its finger on the pulse of the profession since 2002. Using leading voices in the profession, our magazine provides unrivalled news, exam insight, and practical career advice. It means our readers turn to us to be better informed, in an increasingly fractious world.

Don’t forget PQ also has a global reach. On top of readers in the UK and Ireland, we are read in India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, UEA, Saudi Arabia, Jamaica, and Australia, to name a few!

We understand that advertising has become confusing, and we are here to help your business grow.

We send the magazine to over 28,000 individuals each month. – a multi-media product

Our website has all the news, pass rates, exam tips and career advice in one place.

We have leader-boards, rolling banners, pop-ups, wallpaper and buttons, all available. Buttons start at £250 a month.

Events and Videos – seeing is believing

We run both live online and in-person events. Our joint LSBU annual conference is now in its seventh year. Check out the latest conference at:
More in-person events are planned for 2023 with Queen Mary University of London. We also run a ‘Back to Basics’ video series on the website.

@PQmagazine – on social media

We have some 6,480 followers on Twitter and 5,100 followers on PQ magazine’s Facebook page. Our ACCA Study Zone LinkedIn page has over 2,550 members too. We can use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help you talk to the marketplace.

PQ Magazine Awards – best night out!

These are the Oscars of the part qualified accountancy awards, and are now in their 20th year. The 2022 awards took place at Proud Embankment in April – and you can check out the evening in our winners’ video, which is online at:

Email shots – targeted to your needs

At PQ magazine we work hard to ensure you have access you the best, most up-to-date circulation lists. E-shots start at just £350 per 1,000 names.

NQ magazine – newly qualified

PQ magazine’s sister publication. NQ magazine, is sent to those hard to find newly qualified accountants. Our e-magazine provides 5,000 NQs with a vibrant look at what lies ahead. It is sent to subscribers four time a year. – making life simple

Our jobs-board is a unique opportunity to reach PQs and NQs at an affordable rate. A single posting costs £250 for a month. You can post 100 jobs for £600 a month, or unlimited jobs for £1,000 per month.



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