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Keeping a sense of perspective

Stephen Flatman has 10 tips to kickstart your CIMA studies.

CIMA ban on earplugs

September 2020 A new requirement has been added to CIMA’s online exam requirements – no earplugs are permitted during the exam. This is because “the invigilator may consider you...

Home or away?

Where should you sit your CIMA exam? Stephen Flatman outlines the options so you can choose the one that suits you best.

‘Sit case study at assessment centre’

August 2020 CIMA PQs are being advised that while remote invigilation is great for the OT exams they should perhaps think about sitting their case study exams at an...

Use Excel to plan exams

Too many priorities, limited time and even a lack of self-discipline can scupper any well-intentioned study plans.