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What is OCI and ICE?

Top tutor Tom Clendon answers your accounting questions – he is such a great guy!

What the examiner wants

When it comes to the CIMA case study exams, Clancy Peiris knows what type of answers the examiners love to see CIMA case study exams are designed to test our students’ ability to deal with tasks and solve challenges in a real-life business environment.

Shares for individuals simplified!

In this month’s article in the ‘Keep It Simple’ series, Neil Da Costa tackles a topic that examiners always say students struggle with – quoted shares for individuals.

Hitting the target

Philip Dunn explains everything you need to know about this important technique.

Give yourself a head start

Question practice is the most effective exam preparation strategy, says CIMA’s Clancy Peiris Did you know that whenever we ask CIMA students to list the tactics they found most helpful when preparing for their exams, question practice always tops the list? Tuition providers also find that students who practise questions generally pass their CIMA exams on the first try.