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Tonight is the night

At Monday night at 8 o’clock (BST) we will discover who has won a coveted ‘PQ’ trophy. Yes, it is the 21st PQ magazine awards evening at Lio London, in...

Bahrain recognises AAT qualifications

Bahrain has recognised all seven of AAT's qualifications, with the country's education and training quality authority (BQA) aligned them with its domestic training framework. Claire Bennison, AAT’s Executive Director of...

Time to tax capital gains fairly

Capital gains should be taxed at the same rate as income, says accountant Richard Murphy in his Taxing Wealth Report. He said the arguments are fairly straight-forward – capital gains...

Exams should be the same experience for all ACCA PQs!

Why, asked top Tutor Chris Cain, are ACCA students in exam halls treated differently to those sitting their exam at home? He said students sitting their exams in an official...

PQ magazine award night – countdown begins

PQs, newly qualifieds, the educators, and the accountancy bodies themselves, will all have their moment in the spotlight next Monday as the PQ magazine 2024 awards toasts the best...

Saddle up for CIMA pre-seen

The CIMA pre-seen for OCS is out, and we have Andrew Mower running the rule over the key examinable topics from Kanann. Check out why he thinks you need to...

Time to go beyond the buzzwords

While equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives are increasingly commonplace, there is growing scepticism among professionals that these have now become mere ‘tick-box’ exercises bringing few tangible improvements. The worry...

PQ JOB OF THE WEEK: Group Management Accountant

You will be working for an exciting financial group, with the opportunity to be part of a rapidly evolving industry. You will be a PQ or NQ with ACCA, CIMA...

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