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Getting to net zero

The UK leads the G20 in having the most rapid decarbonisation rate (3.7%) since 2000, says the latest PwC Low Carbon Economy Index (LCEI). However, the rate of progress has slowed...

Value Added explained

Dr Philip E Dunn explains how Value Added is used as a measure of productivity

Step forward

What does the UK’s first EdTech Strategy mean for your learning? Mark Mckenna explains all

Even investors want clearer reporting

Companies are falling short of investor’s expectations for clearer reporting on climate crisis issues, according to a new report, ‘Climate-related corporate reporting’, from the FRC Financial Reporting Lab. So what do...

‘Act now to save the planet’

Accountants can help to save the planet but they can’t do it on their own, says Professor Richard Murphy. A star turn at the recent ‘Accountants will...