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Disposal of Capital Assets

Karen Groves explains how to approach a disposal of capital assets exam style question and tests your knowledge on the subject.

Flexed budgets explained

Teresa Clarke explains a concept that students studying Level 2 Elements of Costing or Level 3 Management Accounting: Costing really need to know about Flexing budgets can be confusing, so I will explain this using the ingredients for a cake. I have budgeted the following ingredients to make one cake.

Transfer pricing explained

Nick Craggs explains a concept that is being introduced to the AAT syllabus for the first time AAT’s Qualification 2022 is one of the biggest changes to the qualification in all the years that I have been teaching.

Preparation is key: exam ready tips from AAT experts!

Mindful Education’s top team offer some advice on how to tackle the AAT exams Exams are a daunting prospect for most. However, it is essential that as a learner you treat them the same way that you treat any other significant challenge in life – by spending time preparing!

Why do men do better at exams?

Why does male business school students’ competitiveness lead to better grades, asks Professor Jari Huikku.