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Measure it, get it done

Brigita Petrova explains how you can manage your performance and pass the Advanced Performance Management exam

After the exam day

Instead of her usual Q&As our Agony Aunt Caron Betts has some advice on how to use your time once the exams are over

ACCA exams up for sale

ACCA has cracked down on students taking pictures of exam questions at their exam desks, and then trying to sell them online. Taobao Marketplace, a Chinese shopping...

Waffle time for SBL sitters

If your speciality is waffle then you may have come into your own at the ACCA’s September SBL sitting! Question 3 was the problem here. As one sitter put it: “That’s...

London not on the list for first Strategic CBE sitting

Come March 2020, some ACCA PQs in the UK will still be able to sit paper-based Strategic Professional exams. This is because the option to sit the new CBE exams will...