AAT – assessment availability during national mourning period and Queen’s funeral

AAT has told its students that all AAT assessments will continue to be available as usual during the national mourning period, including the day of the Queen’s funeral, Monday 19 September

On the 19 September the AAT will be observing the public holiday and its offices and support lines will be closed, as a mark of respect. Any student planning an assessment on this day should contact their assessment venue in advance to ensure they are open as you may need to rearrange.

The PDSY assessment window was planned for 19-25 September. AAT is extending the window to one day – this means the last day of the window is now Monday 26 September, and assessment will run from 20 September.

PDSY assessment results will still be released on Thursday 3 November 2022.

. See: https://www.aat.org.uk/aat-news/assessment-availability-during-national-mourning-period-and-the-queen-s-funeral