AAT launches learning portal

The AAT has soft launched its new Lifelong Learning Portal for students and training providers, with the new system planned to go live at the end of March.

AAT has really worked hard to make the new portal work for today’s PQs. The green light tests are still there, but much more has been added, including podcasts and the ability to add links into individual study folders.

There are 23 videos live on the beta portal, which students can access right now, with another 15 being added later this month.

The key calculation videos are also being updated over the next couple of months.

AAT has also used students to help with peer-to-peer learning, with students presenting videos on key learning topics.

Learning Services Manager Tom Clowry, who is leading the project, said: “One of the key aims was to provide students with a modern, personalised platform to support their journey with AAT.”