AAT pass rates with distinction…

The latest AAT pass rates are out, and the number of students attaining a distinction or merit in the Professional Diploma in Accounting is marginally down – to just 2% and 45% respectively (it was 3% and 46% last time).

The number of PQs being awarded distinctions at the Foundation and Advanced Diploma rose ever so slightly, to 18% and 22% respectively. Those obtaining a merit held steady at 70% and 54%.

The overall CBA pass rates for the year (to the end of June) were 83.3% for Foundation, 72.5% for Advanced, and 62% for Professional papers.

At 52.8% the MDCL paper was again the stand-out ‘hardest’ individual paper, with a 52.8% pass rate this time around. Foundation’s IBLW was not far behind with a 54% pass rate. FSLC and PDSY also had pass rates below 60%.

*See next issue of PQ magazine for the pass rates in full…

AAT Qualifications & Grades

Foundation Certificate in Accounting: 5% pass; 44% merit; 51% distinction

Foundation Diploma in Accounting & Business: 12% pass; 70% merit; 18% distinction

Advanced Diploma in Accounting: 25% pass; 54% merit; 22% distinction

Professional Diploma in Accounting: 53% pass; 45% merit: 2% distinction