AAT wants input from tutors

A call to arms has come from the AAT for any tutors who want to ‘get involved’ in the new syllabus.
Director of education Suzie Webb told PQ magazine at the recent Training Providers conference that the first teaching of the new syllabus will take place in September 2021.
That means the new specifics will have to be published in September 2020 – leaving 16 months to get it right. Webb said she wants more people involved and to widen the pool to current tutors “because they know our students best”, she said.
Webb said both she and the AAT were cogitative of the fact that life and technology have moved on and they must find a way to incorporate that into the new qualification. “It all needs to go into the pot,” she stressed.
Some tutors felt that 2021 may be too late to change the qualification, when so much has changed already. One said the computerised accounting syllabus needed to include all the relevant software. “We are talking Sage, Xero and Quickbooks,” he said.
It was also suggested that instead of two costing units at level 4 there should be one cost unit and a business unit, looking at issues such as cyber security.
There was a real worry among delegates that students may all need a laptop, too. Many FE colleges admit they would not be able to provide this service.