ACA advanced exam bookings open on 15 June

ICAEW students will be able to book for the advanced level exams from mid-June. The online system will be open from Monday 15 June until Friday 17 July.

The exams, which normally take place in July, will now run on 24, 25 and 26 August.

The results will then be released on Friday 2 October.

The Case Study advance information will be made available on 9 June, via the resources web site.

The ICAEW reminds students that it has temporarily suspended the ACA assessment regulation requiring all other ACA exams to have been passed or attempted before the case study exam may be attempted.

The ICAEW also explained 2020 exams and learning materials were prepared before the coronavirus pandemic began and when you sit your exam in 2020, they will not have been amended to reflect the economic, business or financial impact of the pandemic. However, the exams have been reviewed to ensure that they are still a viable, objective test of the competencies and skills required for your qualification.

It said: “Some exam question scenarios may relate to an industry, sector or business on which the Coronavirus has had an impact. Where analysis of that scenario is required, it may be relevant to mention briefly in your answer the implications of coronavirus. However, you should not dedicate substantial time or focus on these implications. You should focus on answering the question appropriately, using the technical knowledge and skills as set out in the ICAEW learning materials.”