ACCA exam feedback – Day Four of September sitting

How did the FR and SBR exams go on a hot September day? Here’s what sitters said…


Section B was not a favourite for many sitting September’s FR exam. However, this was offset with a much better section C. As one sitter explained: “Section A and B were pretty brutal, but section C was rather nice.”

Another sitter agreed: “My section C was easy compared to what I was expecting.”

The Open Tuition Instant Poll saw 58% calling the exam OK, 24% said it was hard and 12% felt it was a disaster.


“Dreadful, found it extremely hard” and “tough exam with very few calculations”, were some of the comments about September’s SBR exam.

The question on hedging was particularly hard, and many admitted they found it a difficult.

The Open Tuition Instant Poll had nearly one in four (24%) ticking the disaster box, and another 39% found the exam hard. Just 35% said it was OK.