ACCA June 2024 exams – feedback days one & two


Some sitters found section A tougher than they expected. As one sitter said: “Harder than previous past papers with a lot of tricky catch-you-out type questions.”

The good news for many was the fact that the 30 marker and 2 x 20 markers were vert similar to past papers. These questions were on internal control, audit risk and materiality and performance materiality, with a final question on substantial procedures.

According to the Open Tuition Instant Poll one in 10 found the exam a disaster and another 23% said it was hard. That left 60% saying the exam was OK and 7% found it easy.


Time management was a big problem for sitters. Spending too long on the first question just meant many end up rushing the rest of the paper! As on PQ explained: “There were so many requirements in Q1 that confused me and took up too much of my time. Feeling so disappointed.”

One March sitter found June easier, but knew it would mean nothing to the final pass rate!

Nearly one in three (31%) of voters in the Open Tuition Instant Poll said the exam was hard, and another 14% had a disaster! That left 53% saying the exam was OK, and just 2% found it easy.


Sitters struggled with the wording of some of the questions. “It was like Google translate had been used,” one said. Others just said they hated TX!

In the Open Tuition Poll some 53% ticked the OK box, with 29% finding it a hard paper, and 11% had a disaster.


One sitter summed up what many thought, and  liked the fact that the paper was “very common sense, rather than models, etc.” For them that made it a good paper. Another said: “Overall the questions were nice, the 7Ps threw me but managed to remember 5 of them at least.”

Many sitters talked about not using the exhibits either!

This all added to the fact that June’s paper was a disaster for just over 8% of sitters, according to the Open Tuition Instant Poll. Another 27 found it hard, but for nearly 60% the exam was OK.