ACCA June 2024 exams – feedback from day five

So, FM was savage and AFM OK! Well that’s what those sitting the exam said…


The June exam was described as “savage, there is no other word for it!” Another sitter said it was “an absolute disaster”.

What upset sitters was the fact that the exam looked and felt nothing like the ones in any exam kit! Had anyone heard of the pecking order theory? It is in the syllabus!

One in five (21%) voting on the Open Tuition Instant Poll said the exam for them was a disaster. Another 41% said it was hard and juts one in three (33.33%) felt the exam was OK.


An OK exam!

Sitters like the foreign NPV (section A, 50 marker). It was a ‘biggie’ but there were no funny adjustments and was just like previous questions.

The Open Tuition Instant Poll bears out the comments with 57% of voters ticking the OK box. Some 24% found the exam hard and another 16% had a disaster.