ACCA June 2024 exams – feedback from day four

It’s feedback time from day four of the ACCA June exams, so we are speaking FR and SBR.


Students really seem to mind this session, and there were very few comments! Section B seesm to be where most students had problems. Some 55% voted the exam OK on the Open Tuition Instant Poll. Another 24% ticked the hard box and 15% disaster.


Not a favourite exam this session, according to the poll. That said, many found Q1 ‘fairly easy’, even ‘a bit easy’. That was a worry in itself, as one sitter explained: “I found the paper easy going and this is strange and at the same time very scary, because I think that in this kind of papers you fail more easily because maybe there were a lot of traps.”

Others found the question that asked them to apply various IFRS for the treatment of costs related to films tough.

Some 41% said they found the exam hard on the Open Tuition Instant Poll. Another 17% felt the exam was a disaster, and just 38% said the exam was OK.