So how were those audit exams? Here’s what sitters said…


Many sitters found the MCQ’s tough, but the Open Tuition Instant Poll shows 55% of sitters found the exam ‘OK’, and just 7% said it was a ‘disaster’.

Students admitted they struggled to get their wording right for the answers.

However, there were some who found the June AA exam ‘a breeze’ compared to the mock! The general feeling seems to be that the written questions were fairly nice, and MCQ harder than the mocks.

One student had just one word for sitting ‘brutal’.


Over one in three sitters found June’s exam ‘hard’, according to the Open Tuition Instant Poll, with a further 17% describing it was a ‘disaster’.

One sitter said: “That was the most difficult paper I’ve sat in my entire life. After all the hard work everything feels useless. Didn’t even finish the paper. The time wasn’t enough at all.”

A fellow student agreed: “One of the hardest ones I have done.”

However, some sitting the UK variant seemed think is wasn’t too horrible. As one PQ put it: “I came out to the exam feeling positive, so am hoping for a pass.”

Time was still the enemy for many. “I ran out of time and needed another 15 mins.” There were others who admitted they spent too much time on Q1, always a fatal mistake.