It’s the feedback from day 4 – did the exams make you cry?


As one sitter said: “It was not tough but I don’t know if I did well!” Another first-timer thought section C was especially hard. Many sitters admitted they just didn’t understand a lot of the questions in section A&B.

Over 50% of students in the Open Tuition Instant Poll felt the exam was either ‘hard’ or a ‘disaster’. That said some 9% of respondents said it was ‘easy’, which is quite high for these polls!

There was one scary comment on one of our favourite Facebook Groups: “I’II show my arse at the town hall if I passed mine.” Stay away from town halls everywhere on 17 July if you want to avoid that!


The Open Tuition Instant Poll had just 22% saying this exam was ‘OK’. Some 41% of sitters felt the June test was ‘hard’, and for another 34% it was a ‘disaster’.

“Yikes! This was a mean one,” explained one PQ. In fact, they had no idea what they wrote for half of the questions. They suggested it was like the joke about the man who thought he had lost all hope, then loses the last additional bit of. hope he didn’t even know he still had!

Another sitter just wrote “Absolute disaster’. That is not one of the options on the Open Tuition poll!

Others just felt the exam was very long and tricky. Keeping to the timings would have been key to passing this one.

A student even admitted that they called their mum after the exam and started crying. Although they said they can be quite dramatic. They were not alone, another PQ said: “It was horrific, first time I’ve come out of an exam and cried. I’ve passed all my others first time but setting myself up to resit this one.” They were gutted because of the long hours of revision they had put in. She explained: “The knowledge was there, but that exam was just cruel.”

Yet another sitter revealed: “What on earth was that! That was a horrific exam, I nearly cried half way through and had to take a three-minute break as my mind froze and I went blank.”